The Mogol team has a deep understanding of game development, both as a creative and financial endeavor. We strive to make the development of online games a mutual process that is innovative, efficient and creative.

These working tenets set us apart in the gaming industry and makes us a true partner in the game development process.


We’re New - But We’re Not:
Our principals are veterans of the industry, with decades and dozens of successful, published games under our individual belts. Ultimately we know what gamers have been without and what they want. We believe we found the missing link – the Social Community infused with just a touch of Hollywood bravado.


We’re Hatching Plots:
We know what can kill a game, from development snafus to problems finding a publisher, so we plot and plan our process meticulously. 


We Want To Take Over The World: 
We work with affiliate publishers worldwide to make sure that the games we publish will be embraced in all territories, from east to west. Gamers will have global access to their game play virtually anywhere in the world, competing with millions of other fans in real-time on any mobile device (iPad, Tablet, Smartphone) using Apple Store, Google Play, Facebook, Yahoo, as well as other global platforms.


We’re Naked:
We aim for complete transparency, communicating honestly what we're doing with our partners and fans of the brands. We conduct the communication lines between the developer studios and movie studios. This protects the creative process of the developer studios that we partner with. 


We’re Fans:
We are focusing on publishing cool games based on the most memorable franchises know around the world. These popular branded IPs in a highly immersive multiplayer game play with the social connectivity and interaction allow gamers to immerse themselves in the fantasy of these worlds.


We are publishers of mid-core games that embody novelty and innovation. Our passion is to publish "hybrid" browser and mobile games that will allow players to immerse themselves inside their favorite stories and fantasy environments based on popular movie and television series, attracting gamers to embrace their indulgence in a digital community – where the movie or adventure never ends..


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Business Development & Global Partnership:

Software Developers:


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